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Entry #2

Why you shouldn't study overseas to learn a language

2015-07-17 14:21:12 by Joelle

I'm in Marbella, Spain right now in my last week of a 6-week course in Spanish. I really couldn't regret the decision more. I'm coming to realize this a colossal waste of money. Not only was the school expensive, but everything in Marbella is ungodly expensive. 

Honestly what a money-sucking joke. Your only real opportunity to talk to people in Spanish here is: when you're ordering food or asking about a price. Unless you're the most social person on the planet, "immersion" really isn't worth the money. You're better off just taking a group Spanish class. It's even worse if you're with a group of people you know. You're going to be tempted to speak English with them because you're too lazy to speak Spanish. 

What's even worse is that you may not have a teacher who speaks fluent English. Learning with a teacher who speaks good English makes the process a lot faster. Waiting for google translate to work or flipping through a dictionary takes forever. 


I'm also staying in a bedroom the size of a closet with no air conditioning and no wifi in 100 degree weather.



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2016-07-28 11:07:38

I'm proud of you for staying strong through all of this. Bon voyage throughout all of your expeditions.


2016-08-15 22:00:11

do you use the phrase " X por una hora" a lot you cum dump?


2016-10-30 01:31:48

spain is a gay country

Joelle responds:



2016-12-01 15:22:20

Hi <3


2016-12-04 20:39:07

Miles between us, expensive plane tickets, long waits for visits, and sleeping alone every night.

You're worth it cause you're you <3